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Function Name

Other toolboxes required none

This is an infobox template to be placed on function pages. An example of this infobox can be seen to the right.


  • name: The name of the function (all one word, including the .m suffix)
  • desc (optional): A one-line description of the function (should be the same as the brief description given in the MATLAB header file)
  • lic (optional): Set equal to 1 (and upload a license file!) if this function was written by someone not directly affiliated with QETLAB (e.g., if you got the function from MATLAB File Exchange). Ignore this parameter otherwise.
  • req (optional): A list of other MATLAB toolboxes that are required for this script to work (such as cvx). Please separate different toolboxes by a <br /> tag. Also, make each toolbox name a link whenever possible.
  • rel (optional): A list of other functions that are similar to this function or closely-related to it in some way. Please separate different scripts and toolboxes by a <br /> tag. Also, make each function name a link whenever possible.
  • cat (optional): The category that this function belongs to.
  • cvx (optional): Whether or not this function can be used (as a constraint or objective function) within CVX optimization problems. Suggested values are "no", "yes (linear)", "yes (convex)", and "yes (concave)".
  • upd (optional): The date when the MATLAB script was last updated.