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Produces a chessboard state

Other toolboxes required none
Related functions BreuerState
Function category Special states, vectors, and operators

ChessboardState is a function that produces a two-qutrit "chessboard state", as defined in [1]. These states are of interest because they are bound entangled.


  • RHO = ChessboardState(A,B,C,D,M,N)
  • RHO = ChessboardState(A,B,C,D,M,N,S,T)

Argument descriptions

  • A,B,C,D,M,N: Six parameters that define chessboard states, as in [1], with S = A*conj(C)/conj(N) and T = A*D/M. If C*M*conj(N) does not equal A*B*conj(C) then RHO is entangled. If each of A,B,C,D,M,N are real then RHO has positive partial transpose, and is hence bound entangled.
  • S,T: Additional (optional) parameters of the chessboard states, also as in [1]. Note that, for certain choices of S and T, this state will not have positive partial transpose, and thus may not be bound entangled – a warning will be produced in these cases.


Generating bound entangled states

Chessboard states are useful because they form a wide family of bound entangled states. The following code generates a random chessboard state and verifies that it is entangled yet positive-partial-transpose (and hence bound entangled).

>> rho = ChessboardState(randn(1),randn(1),randn(1),randn(1),randn(1),randn(1));
>> IsSeparable(rho)
Determined to be entangled via the Filter Covariance Matrix Criterion. Reference:
O. Gittsovich, O. Gühne, P. Hyllus, and J. Eisert. Unifying several separability
conditions using the covariance matrix criterion. Phys. Rev. A, 78:052319, 2008.

ans =


>> IsPPT(rho)

ans =


When specifying S and T

If you specify S and T manually, it is possible that the resulting state will not have positive partial transpose – a warning is produced in these cases.

>> rho = ChessboardState(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8);
Warning: The specified chessboard state does not have positive partial transpose. 
> In ChessboardState at 45

Source code

Click here to view this function's source code on github.


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